Machine Learning and Satellite Imagery for Advanced Forest Intelligence

ForestRadar: Weekly alert service to secure your forest

Automated Change Detection
Automated technology for weekly change detection:
clear-cuts, wind-falls, fires, floods
Cloud-free Basemap
The most actual satellite imagery basemap:
metadata, all European countries, preprocessed to run ML algorithms
Weekly Alert Service
Weather independent data from radar satellites:
always see your forest through clouds

ForestRadar Cloud-free Basemap

Our ForestRadar Cloud-free basemap uses multispectral optical satellite imagery and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to provide cloud-free imagery basemap for use in enterprise desktop and web GIS applications

ForestRadar Cloud-free basemap advantages:

  • Frequent data updates: every 5 days for areas without cloud cover.
  • Complete metadata: easily see what is the precise date and time of acquisition for a specific area and which satellite was used.
  • Extensive history: go back in time to see how a specific area looked like at a different date.
  • Easy integration with enterprise Geographical Information Systems (GIS): results can be easily added to most desktop and web GIS applications.

ForestRadar Change Detection

Our unique ForestRadar Change detection technology uses a combination of Synthetic Apperture Radar (SAR) satellite data, multispectral optical satellite imagery and ML algorithms to precisely detect new clear-cut, fire-burnt and wind-fall areas in forests
  • Frequent data updates: every 6 days, even in bad weather and high cloud cover.
  • Small minimal detection areas: 0.25 ha for both clear-cuts and wind-falls.
  • High result accuracy: 95% of all clear-cuts and wind-falls detected (by area).
  • Easy integration with enterprise Geographical Information Systems (GIS): result polygons are in vector format and ready for further analysis.
  • Timely notifications: receive notifications about unplanned changes on e-mail, WhatsApp or as SMS and view them directly on your mobile device.
  • Validated technology and accuracy: results validated with big state and private forest companies.