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The service focuses on providing access to the most current Sentinel-2 imagery data and associated indexes. It is tailored for users requiring frequent and reliable satellite data updates, extensive historical imagery, and integration capabilities with enterprise GIS. The service operates on a fully automated basis, requiring no manual intervention for data mosaicking, thereby ensuring efficiency and reducing labor costs.


Key Features:


Frequent Data Updates: The service updates its imagery up to daily, focusing on areas without cloud cover to ensure users receive the most current data possible.

Extensive Historical Data: Users can access a rich history of imagery dating back to April 2017, with around 10 images per season, enabling them to track changes over time.

Fully Automated Mosaicking: The imagery mosaicking process is completely automated, eliminating the need for manual selection and processing of cloud-free data.

Wide Geographic Coverage: The service covers all Baltic countries and potentially more areas, offering a broad scope of data.

Complete Metadata: Each image comes with complete metadata, including the precise date of acquisition, enriching the context and usefulness of the data.

GIS Integration and Authorization: It supports XYZ/TMS and WMS services for easy integration with enterprise GIS and includes user authorization features.

Automated Index Calculations: The service can automatically calculate and display a variety of indexes (e.g., LAI, MSAVI2, NDBI, NDMI, NDVI, NDWI, FAPAR, Fcover, infrared imagery) according to customer requests.

Automated Notifications: Users receive email notifications about new imagery additions, ensuring they are always informed about the latest data available.

Key Benefits:


Cost-Effective: Priced at 19 EUR per user per month, the service offers an affordable solution for accessing comprehensive satellite imagery coverage of entire countries.

Immediate Inclusion of New Data: As soon as new imagery and indexes are acquired, they are integrated into the service, providing users with instant access to the latest data.

Time Savings: The automation of the data selection process saves users significant time, as there is no need to manually filter for cloud-free images.


Technical Advancements:


Preservation of Original Data Format: Historical imagery data is stored in its original format, allowing for the addition of new indexes as needed.

Automatic Metadata Layer: The service automatically updates the metadata layer with each new imagery addition, ensuring data remains current.

Scalable Access: XYZ/TMS access is highly scalable, designed to support thousands of users without compromising speed. WMS services can be customized to support any user-requested projections.

Regular Access to GeoTIFF Mosaics: Users can access GeoTIFF mosaics on a monthly basis or more frequently, providing flexibility in data usage.



The service has been effectively integrated into the workflows of significant entities such as the Rural Support Service of the Republic of Latvia (link) and the Farmer’s Parliament (link). It serves over 800 farmers, illustrating its utility and effectiveness in supporting agricultural and environmental management practices.

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