Fire Monitoring App

The Fire Monitoring App leverages cutting-edge technology to offer a robust solution for early wildfire detection and management. By integrating terrestrial and satellite image processing, this app provides a suite of tools designed to enhance forest fire preparedness and response capabilities.


Key Features:


Advanced Risk Mapping:

Integrates forest wildfire danger forecast maps from the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) for enhanced spatial analysis.

Provides various indexes such as the Fire Weather Index (FWI), Keetch-Byron Drought Index (KBDI), and components of the National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS) through easily integrable XYZ/TMS or WMS services.

Wildfire Detection Software:

Utilizes cloud infrastructure for operational deployment, offering real-time wildfire detection capabilities.

Generates a forest wildfire detection map accessible as XYZ/TMS or WMS service for straightforward integration with Leaflet JS and other GIS platforms.

Optical Satellite Basemap:

Offers an automatically updated optical satellite basemap for target countries, facilitating accurate monitoring and planning.

Available as XYZ/TMS or WMS service, ensuring seamless integration with end-user software systems.

Integration with IT/GIS Systems:

Supports comprehensive integration with existing IT and GIS systems, enhancing the utility and accessibility of wildfire data and analytics.

Demonstrated integration with several platforms, including IoT testing and forest management applications.

Merging Data from Cameras and Satellite Images:

Utilizes AD TELECOM’s high-tech cameras for real-time fire detection and integrates satellite imagery and forest data from Baltic Satellite Services, offering a more comprehensive monitoring system.

Real-Time Wildfire Tracking and Management:

This innovative early warning technology, developed in collaboration with AD TELECOM (Spain) and AXSYSNAV (France), tracks fires in real-time and guides fire brigades, offering a major advantage in emergency response.

Key Benefits:


Enhanced Early Detection: Enables users to detect wildfires early, significantly reducing response times and potentially minimizing damage.

Improved Preparedness: Assists in preparing for wildfire threats with detailed danger forecasts and mapping, improving strategic planning and resource allocation.

Accessible Information: Delivers critical wildfire information through an intuitive platform, making it easily accessible to various stakeholders including emergency services, forest management teams, and policy makers.

Customizable Alerts: Offers customizable alert settings to meet the specific needs of different users, ensuring relevant and timely information dissemination.

Versatile Application: Suitable for integration into a wide range of IT systems, enhancing the capabilities of existing platforms with advanced fire monitoring tools.

Collaboration and Innovation: Developed during a three-year Eurostars project, the app represents a successful collaborative effort between Baltic Satellite Service, AD TELECOM, and AXSYSNAV, showcasing European innovation in combating environmental challenges.

Comprehensive and Detailed Information for Firefighters: Offers firefighters a detailed and accurate picture of wildfire situations, aiding in effective extinguishing operations, thanks to the integration of multiple data sources.



The technology has already attracted interest from clients in Europe and beyond, indicating its potential necessity in the face of climate change-induced extreme weather events.

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