Machine Learning and Satellite Imagery for Advanced Forest Intelligence

ForestRadar: Weekly alert service to secure your forest


Integrated Earth Observation platform offering automated acquisition, analysis, and publication of satellite imagery and other data types, optimized for large-scale projects with machine learning and cloud processing capabilities.
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Monitoring App

Service utilizing cutting-edge satellite imagery and advanced vegetation indexes to offer precise detection and monitoring of forest health risk and changes.
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Cloud-free Sentinel-2 imagery service, offering automated, up-to-date satellite imagery with extensive historical data since April 2017.
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Sentinel-2 basemap

Cloud-free basemap that combines multispectral optical satellite imagery with Machine Learning algorithms to offer a frequently updated, cloud-free imagery basemap for enterprise GIS applications.
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Monitoring App

Service automating flood detection and monitoring for gas pipelines using satellite data and LIDAR, with results available through GIS and alerts.
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Monitoring App

Service integrating terrestrial and satellite image processing for early wildfire detection and management, offering advanced mapping and alert systems to enhance forest fire preparedness and response.
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Automated Change Detection
Automated technology for weekly change detection: clear-cuts, wind-falls, fires, floods
Cloud-free Basemap
The most actual satellite imagery basemap: metadata, all European countries, preprocessed to run ML algorithms
Weekly Alert Service
Weather independent data from radar satellites: always see your forest through clouds

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