The Twinnovation Project is a collaborative initiative that fosters innovation among Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Estonia and Latvia through a specialized twin transition training program. The project is designed to guide SMEs through digital and green transitions by providing training and supporting the implementation of small-scale pilots, leading to innovative solutions in products, services, or processes.


Project Partners


Lead Partner: Baltic Innovation Agency LLC.

Collaboration: Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Participating SMEs: Siidrikoda LLC, Mällona Mõis LLC, Dipperfox LLC, Afterone LLC, Peruza LLC, Sakret LLC, Kurzemes Atslēga AS, Valmiermuižas alus LLC, Baltic Satellite Service LLC, Rāmkalni Nordeco LLC.


Challenges Addressed


Guidance for SMEs: Providing necessary support for SMEs to understand and navigate the digital and green transitions, transforming challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth.

Funding and Budget


Total Budget: €585,687.50.

Funding: Funded by the INTERREG Estonia-Latvia Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2021-2027 (European Regional Development Fund - ERDF).

ERDF Contribution: €468,550.00 (80% of the total project budget).

Co-financing by Project Partners: €117,137.50.


Objectives and Goals


Main Goal: To bridge theory to practice, enhancing the competitiveness of partnering SMEs and encouraging others to undertake their digital and green transitions.

Key Objectives:

To assist SMEs in Latvia and Estonia to adapt to changing conditions.

To encourage the adoption of new technologies.

To stimulate the creation of innovative jobs.

To foster regional cooperation, boosting growth and competitiveness in digital and green innovation.

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