Nature Protection Agency

The project aims to create advanced tools for assessing and monitoring changes in habitat prevalence and quality across Latvia. This endeavor is part of the European Union's LIFE program project "Optimization of Management and Management of Natura 2000 Protected Areas" (LIFE19 IPE/LV/000010 LIFE-IP LatViaNature), focusing on the protection of habitats and species under the Natura 2000 network through innovative and appropriate nature conservation approaches.

This project is implemented with the financial support of the LIFE program of the European Union and the State Regional Development Agency.




Project ID: DAP 2023/37-AK

Project Duration: 2020-2028

Completion Deadline: May 5, 2025



The primary goal is to develop a methodologically sound set of tools based on remote sensing images and data analysis to:

  1. Enable effective loading and preparation of master data.
  2. Facilitate the processing, analysis, and cartographic representation of data to ascertain the prevalence of habitats and identify quantitative and qualitative changes.

Tasks and Deliverables

Part 1: Methodology Development

  • Review and summarize relevant scientific publications and project reports.
  • Evaluate data necessary for habitat identification and monitoring at a country level.
  • Develop a comprehensive methodology for biotope identification and monitoring, including data processing methods, accuracy evaluation, and guidelines for data updates.

Part 2: Remote Sensing Data Processing Tool

  • Create a tool compatible with major operating systems for data preparation and processing.
  • Provide detailed user manuals, covering all aspects of data handling and processing steps.

Part 3: Analytical Tool Development

  • Develop an analytical tool for identifying existing and potential habitats, monitoring protected habitats, and determining identical territories.
  • Ensure tool compatibility with existing DAP infrastructure and software.
  • Generate country-scale indicative maps for identified biotopes.

Part 4: Cloud Computing and Web Service Provision

  • Offer comprehensive maintenance and support for the developed tools via a cloud computing platform.
  • Ensure automatic processing, result publication, and web service functionality.


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