Developing Forest Protection Product with Cross-Border Support

In the frame of this project Baltic Satellite Service (BSS) conducts an innovative transition pilot and is going to develop, test, and bring to the market a completely new and highly innovative product that will help save the forest from pest outbreaks. The new product will be built using novel IT tools and solutions such as computer vision and machine learning (ML) algorithms to automate data processing. The digital technologies BSS develops can be implemented and delivered to end users thanks to the ForestRadar earth observation data processing platform, which works fully automatically and allows to run and test ML algorithms on large areas of interest and deliver the result very fast as a new web application, service, and mobile solution. The platform is an essential tool to be able to develop and provide new services derived from satellite imagery directly to the end user.

On top of the technical solution the consortium partners Baltic Innovation Agency and Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry are providing cross-border business development support to BSS. The most suitable portfolio of support services are being agreed with BSS separately (as a part of their individual Twin transition action plans) as well as flexibly adjusted depending on the needs during the piloting phase:


  • Provide expertise on how to assess the impact of the developed solution and its sustainability benefits
  • Identifying and potentially applying for the additional funding for further development and upscaling of the new digital tool applicable in forest industry
  • Helping to access the relevant expertise from Estonian universities to contribute to the pilot development



  • Matchmaking/B2B meetings with potential new clients, or distributors from the Estonian forestry sector
  • Organising study visit for exchange of experience and know how transfer with Estonian companies
  • Organising meetings with companies/experts in Estonia to learn if the solution can be scaled or improved

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